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Expert Welding Services for Every Need | Vancouver Welding Inc.

Expert Welding Services for Every Need

Contact Vancouver Welding for any welding repair work. Vancouver Welding has a secure and equipped shop located in Maple Ridge BC that can complete repairs quickly. Downed machines, structural repairs, etc.

Vancouver Welding can also work onsite with one of our fully equipped welding trucks.

Every job is different but Vancouver Welding is capable of repairing most metals.

Importance Of  Welding

Welding is the act of permanently fusing 2 pieces of metal together. Welding is an essential task in many industries. Playing a large role in manufacturing, construction, automotive industries and more.

Importance Of Welding Services | Vancouver Welding Inc.

Welding Processes

Processes vary depending on the material used. Vancouver Welding can weld on carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper-nickel, and various alloys for general commercial and industrial work.

The following types of welding processes are used in repairs and new construction:

Plasma Welding Services | Vancouver Welding Inc.

Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW) & Metal Core Arc Welding (MCAW)

Plasma Welding Icon | Vancouver Welding Inc.Semi Automatic wire feed welding process that can be used for pipe, structural or miscellaneous fabrication.

Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) / Stick Welding

Plasma Welding Icon | Vancouver Welding Inc.Often used during field welding, a reliable process used onsite for pipe or structural steel welding.

Importance Of Pipe Fabrication and Spooling | Vancouver Welding Inc.

GTAW / TIG Welding

It is a versatile welding process that is suitable for all welding positions. It uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode.

It produces the highest quality weld and has become a replacement for gas metal arc welding. TIG welding is mostly used where small welds are needed on stainless steel.

Factors Governing Welding Specification

There are different factors that you should take into account before selecting a particular welding process and welding parameters. These factors include:

  • Operating Conditions, i.e. maximum allowable working pressure and design temperature

  • The thickness of the metal plate to be welded
  • The material of the plate to be welded

  • Type of service

X-Ray Penstock Welding Inspection | Vancouver Welding Inc.

Welding Inspection

Not all repairs require official inspection, although many do. The inspection of welds is often necessary to ensure the quality of welded joints.

Following welding inspection technologies can be applied:

Facility Welding Process | Vancouver Welding Inc.

X-Ray Inspection

Plasma Welding Icon | Vancouver Welding Inc.This welding inspection technique can detect welding defects beneath the surface. It is an expensive technique that is used for critical weld joints.

Ultrasonic Inspection

This welding inspection technique can detect surface as well as subsurface welding defects. In this technique, a high-frequency sound wave is detected through the base metal and the welded joint. When a wave hits a discontinuity in a weld joint, part of the wave is reflected back. In this way, a welding defect can be detected.

Both welding inspection technologies have pros and cons that need to be considered based on applicable standards and customer requirements.

Ultrasonic Welding Inspection Services | Vancouver Welding Inc.

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