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When you need the best mobile welding in Langley, choose Vancouver Welding Inc. Our skilled and expert mobile welders excel in installation, repair, and fabrication, offering fast and reliable solutions.

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These values serve as the foundation of our business, shaping the way we approach our work, interact with our clients, and contribute to the communities we serve.


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We’re your local and dedicated team of welders proudly serving the Metro Vancouver Area.

At Vancouver Welding Inc., we can also help with the installation, repair, and fabrication of iron gates, railings, security doors, trucks, ladders, metal stairs, and machinery for homes, municipalities, and contractors working on construction projects.

Pipe Spooling
& Fabrication

Onsite or at our shop, we can complete piping systems based off of your project needs. We at Vancouver Welding can provide weld mapping and QC tracking, ensuring every part of the system is completed and logged.

Pressure Vessels
& Structural Steels

Pressure vessels are one of the critical mechanical equipment that store and transfer fluids under high pressure. Delivering outstanding welding solutions, we specialize in securing essential structures like pressure vessels, ensuring precision and reliability in every weld.

Piping Systems
& Facility Welding

Welding within a facility can vary greatly depending on the piping systems required, at Vancouver Welding we recognize that every project is different and must be taken with a unique approach, ensuring quality every step of the way.

& Infrastructure Welding

Welding is an integral aspect of many components of our infrastructure system. Just about every major part of a city relies on some type of welding to complete it.

Welding Complete
Repair Services

Vancouver Welding has a secure and equipped shop located in Maple Ridge, BC, that can quickly complete repairs, including downed machines and structural repairs. With our mobile welding services, Vancouver Welding can also work onsite using one of our fully equipped welding trucks.

Welding Fabrication

Penstocks are pipes that carry high-pressure water from a reservoir to a turbine. Many components that make up hydroelectric facilities require welding, and having a qualified welder can make all the difference in the success of a large project.

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